Create Your T-shirt Masterpiece!
Design, share, and wear your art with the Design Robot app.

“Art Is All Around Us.

Art Is Life, Expressed.”

The Design Robot is an easy, beautiful, and fun way to create wearable art. Take an picture of your art, arrange it on your product, buy it, wear it, share it. Unleash your inner artist and create your masterpiece.

The Design Robot Splash

Splash Screen

March 8, 2015


Printed Example

March 8, 2015

The Design Robot Import Photos

Import your Photos

March 8, 2015

The Design Robot Product Creator

Beautiful Product Creator

March 8, 2015


Easy to request an invite

March 8, 2015


Save Art to Your Gallery

March 8, 2015


Quick Cart

March 8, 2015


Add Filters

March 8, 2015

Super Easy

With a clean and streamlined interface, designing your own masterpiece is easy.  Sit back, relax, and let your creativity flow.

Completely Customizable

Snap a picture of something that sparks your interest and modify it in the app.  Within seconds you can send off your customized product to be printed.

High Quality Printing

Using our patented printing techniques, we’ll bring your creation to life.  Colors never fade, no matter how many times you wash your shirt.

World Class Fabrics

We maintain the highest level of standards with our t-shirt fabrics.  These fabrics are soft, fitted, and engineered to minimize shrinking.


To protect the environment and reduce our carbon footprint, we operate 100% in LEED certified facilities, and support local environmental sustainability initiatives.

Facebook + Instagram Integration

Want to pull in some of your Facebook photos?  How about Instagram?  Done!  Grab existing photos, add filters, and create your masterpiece!

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